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Jot two: Using analytics to write great copy

Clare Hanlon is a Digital Strategy Manager at Front Page. Hosting Jot two, she discussed the way she uses analytics to help copywriters create effective copy.

Jot two

Don't tear up creativity

Working with analytics doesn't mean only using data and throwing out creativity and common sense. These things are still important to make your work stand out from the noise. But seen as we're fighting for the attention of our audience more than ever, and we've got more information about them than ever, it makes sense to use those analytics to help create content they'll engage with.

A case for analytics

If you're still not sure – or your boss, client or employee isn't convinced – here are some of the top reasons to use analytics:

Clare giving it lands

Your audience

If the key audience segments haven't been established, we need to figure that out first and foremost. We can go through our own data from similar projects, or the client's if they have that available. If you don't have any pre-existing data to work from, do some research – you can find out tonnes about the type of people who engage with similar content by spending a few hours on Google!

Next, we'd create a persona for each segment, asking ourselves:

Clare using her hands

Useful website data

The following can tell you a lot about the way your audience are engaging (or not engaging) with your content:

Chittering and chattering


Of course, analytics are useless if you don't use them to hit your client's targets. If these objectives are unclear, we'll often set up meetings and workshops with different members of our client's teams to truly understand their individual needs and overall goals.

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