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Jot six: The soul jam

Jot six, bishes

The soul jam

I won't lie, I agreed to host Jot Six before I really knew what I’d do on the night.

However, just like a fresh loaf of bread (we like bread), good things come to those who wait. The analogy there pertaining to the process of making your own bread, the results far outweighing the labour – as arduous as it may seem.

With social media and Jot Six, the same philosophy applies. The theme of The Soul Jam (yep that's another bread anecdote for the eagle-eyed amongst you) was all about the slow but deliciously fruitful work of putting the soul back into social media.


Love = money?

Perhaps, a somewhat obsessive personal and career pursuit of mine, it's what most of us truly desire. Ask any brand and they'll tell you that they want people to fall in love with them because love equals money, right? Well, yeah – and no.

You see, social media has become unfragmented over the years, with the monopoly seen in other forms of more 'traditional' media infiltrating our beloved platforms and causing a digital paradox of choice. We have so much to choose from that we end up choosing the same things repeatedly, and this results in a sort of numbness where we can't fully engage with brands on the level that drives true brand loyalty and long-term acquisition.


We're going numb

I propose that it's the lack of soul that's causing this numbness. We go onto our social media platforms looking for escapism and to come alive, but we end of closing the app feeling a little despondent at the wasted hours and the sense that a little bit of our soul just died.


WTF is soul?

It's probably a good time to look at the definition of a soul. Cheers Google.

With the soul being the emotional and intellectual responses we crave as humans, we want people to leave our social pages feeling full of good soul beans. We want them to feel empowered to act on our posts, so we kind of need to stop chasing our tails for a moment and really put in the work that's needed to soulify our content.

So, what did we do in Jot Six to try and put this soul back? We talked (quite a lot), we shook a can of highly explosive baked beans, we made mini social campaigns and we looked at ways to put the soul back into social media.

Don’t worry if you missed it. In Jot tradition, here are some pointers to take away.


Top tips

Stand: As the saying goes, you gotta take a stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. When it comes to your social media, be proud of the things you stand for and shout about them. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon of taking a stand for things because it’s a sales opportunity. Like stale bread, that doesn’t feed the soul.

Oot: With algorithms galore, the rules of engagement have changed. It’s time to chuck oot all the social media rules you thought you knew. Experiment with posting times, look at what people outside of your industry are doing, get your neighbour’s kids on the case – do whatever it takes to make yourself stand oot in a convoluted market.

Understand: While experimentation is ace, knowing what works and why will help you maximise on these successes. So get to know your analytics! Even better, get to know your target audience. Ask them what they want to see, what would make them share your page with a friend, and use their feedback to your advantage.

Love: Ah, the big ‘l’ word. We want people to love us in real life, and we set certain expectations on that love – but blur those expectations online. Sounds crazy, right? So let’s do the same things that help people fall in love with us offline. Be nice to people, make people feel welcome, show your vulnerabilities and live outside the overly curated world of influencer mayhem.

That's it! And to end with one final piece of relevant content: did you know that Glasgow was twinned with Marseille?

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.


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