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Jot one: What the Jot?


Last week, we officially launched Jot – bringing people together to meet, discuss, drink and generally get to know each other. More importantly, we got the chance to start building our community of people who write.

Here’s a bit about the collective, where we expect it to go, what we want to achieve, and how our launch night went.

Jot launch night


We’ve all been to brilliant events for designers – workshops, meetups, talks and even entire festivals. What about writers? There doesn’t seem to be the same community in Scotland. The discussions that took place on our launch night confirmed that not only is this missing, it’s needed. We met so many passionate people who write, all keen to share their experiences and learn from others.

Jot booklets


What we expect – and hope – Jot will do is build that community of people who write. To upskill, learn, improve and communicate. All starting here in Glasgow, then hopefully further afield. With some travelling over an hour to get to our launch night, we know there’s a demand for it beyond this city.



We’re aiming to run an event every six to eight weeks. One of us who formed the collective will host the next few, then in the summer we’ll open out the hosting to others in the community.

Since everyone who formed the collective is based at Front Page, the agency will kindly provide a space, materials, presentation assistance if needed, and – most importantly – crisps and booze. If hosting is something you’d be interested in, email with your contact details and ideas – we’ll arrange a meetup to start planning. We’ve already had some really exciting ideas that we can’t wait to see become reality. 

Jot pres

Our manifesto

One of the first things we did when forming our collective was come up with seven values. These values will give you more of an idea about who Jot is for and what we hope to achieve. You can find them here

Next event

What next? 

The theme of our next event looks into how we use data to write effective copy. We’ll be announcing the date and releasing tickets soon – follow @thisisjot_ on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

Learn more about Jot, discuss hosting an event or find out what we’re up to.

A collective from Front Page, a creative agency based in Glasgow.

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